SPRO1709--Typhoon “Pakar” Forcasted to land in Southeast China on 27 August, 2017
Circular Ref No.: SPRO1709
Date: 25 August 2017
Dear Sirs or Madam,
Subject: Typhoon “Pakar” Forcasted to land in Southeast China on 27 August, 2017
Super Typhoon “HATO” hit Southeast China on 23 August 2017
The Super Typhoon “HATO” (No.201713) attacked Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhuhai areas on 23 August, 2017. It is reported that around 20 vessels anchored at Guishan anchorage suffered from damage or severe losses due to anchor dragging, which caused vessels to collide with other vessels, contact with terminals, run aground, strand on rocks or islands, or even capsize with all crewmembers missing. Besides, in some incidents oil pollution was also noticed. Local waters fell into disorders after the typhoon. Till now, our Guangzhou office has received accident notifications from 6 vessels due to this typhoon.
For the time being, local MSA, salvage bureau and rescue bureau are collaborating in order to assist the vessels/crewmembers in distress.
Typhoon “Pakar are anticipated to land again on 27 August 2017
According to Chinese Central Weather Station, the forthcoming Typhoon “Pakar” (No.201714) is expected to land in Guangdong area on around 27 August, 2017 with a track as follow:

Our suggestions
From July to October is typhoon season in China. Owners and crewmembers are strongly suggested to pay more attention to relevant aspects, including but not limited to the below list, so as to ensure the safety of vessels, cargo, personnel and marine environment.
  1. Strictly follow relevant requirement mentioned in ISM code;
  2. Timely receiving weather forecast;
  3. Keep engines and key equipments such as windlass workable;
  4. Paying attention to onboard cargo condition;
  5. Checking with local agent for proper anchorage for resisting typhoon;
  6. Maintaining smooth communication between shore and ship;
Hope the above is of assistance. Any query, please feel free to contact us at pni.bj@huatai-serv.com.
Best regards,
Cui Jiyu
Vice President
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