Huatai Workshop 2016 was held in Xiamen, China on Dec.3rd & 4th 2016
Huatai Workshop 2016 was held in Xiamen, China on Dec.3rd & 4th 2016
On 3rd and 4th December 2016, Huatai workshop 2016 was held in Xiamen in the aims of providing training to the whole marine service team.


In the morning of 3rd Dec., we have the great honor to have Ms.Sandra Guiguet and Mr.Chengkang Zhu from Gard Club Hong Kong to attend the seminar, who gave us an informative and wonderful lecture regarding the lessons learnt from handling a major grounding in China and Club’s expectations towards external service providers followed by a actively participated question and answer session.

In the afternoon of 3rd Dec., We invited Mr. Li Rongcun from Wang Jing & Co.,Xiamen Office to introduce us about legal issues related to salvage.

Ms.Liu Weiwei of our Tianjin office also gave us an excellent and overall introduction of maritime litigation preservation guarantee insurance in the afternoon of 3rd Dec. and our colleagues have a thorough discussion during the speech.

In the morning of 4th Dec., we have Mr. Liu Peixue from our Qingdao office to give us an introduction of claims handling summary in GA cases. Mr.Liu has made an extensive study to the issues regarding GA matters, which was reflected in his excellent speech and comprehensive introduction.

In the afternoon of 4th Dec., we invited Mr. Huang Wenliang from Trade-wind Marine Surveyors & Adjusters Co. to give us a speech of soybean cargo damage investigation and handling. We also have a heat discussion during and after the speech.

In the afternoon of 4th Dec., Mr.Lin Chuanzhi from our Xiamen office shared his experiences about purchase, registration, survey, insurance, operation and scrapping of vessels with us.

The workshop is really helpful to our team when serving our clients, which provide us with great benefit.
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