Huatai Workshop 2017was held in Ningbo, China on Dec.7th & 8th 2017
Huatai Workshop 2017was held in Ningbo, China on Dec.7th & 8th 2017
On 7th and 8th December 2017, Huatai workshop 2017was held in Ningbo with view to providing training to the whole marine service team.


In the morning of 7th Dec., we invited Mr. Jiang Weifang from China Ship Building NDRI Engineering Co., Ltd to give us a detailed introduction regarding the Application of Engineering Technologyin Insurance Service.


In the afternoon of 7th Dec., our Tianjin colleague Capt.Jiang Sheng gave us an introduction of International Regulation for Preventing Collision at Sea 1972 in a very simple and easy-to-understand way, so that our colleagues could have a deeper understanding of the regulation and come up with better analysis and judgment when handling collision cases.


Thereafter, Ms.Yin Na, a senior claim executive from our Qingdao office summarized some key points when handling collision cases between foreign vessels and fishing boats from the prospective of a correspondent. Ms. Yin alsoemphasized some main aspects that a competent correspondent should pay attention to under different conditions.


The last speaker of the day is a senior claim executive Ms. Zhao Bei from our Dalian office, who gave us a presentation of handling damage claim of Refrigerated contained cargo. Ms.Zhaoexplained the possible cause of damage and potential time when damagemay incurby analyzing thetype, structure and operating principal of the container, as well as whether preparation was well performed before loading and thecargo characteristics.
In the morning of 8th Dec., we have the honor to have Mr.Liu Xiang of Wenzhou MSA to give us a brief introduction of maritime investigation. Mr.Liu introduced the legal basis when conducting maritime investigation and imposing penalties to the vessel. He also explained the procedures of theirinvestigations, preconditions of vessel’s smooth departure and matters that require owners’good cooperation in the form of case study.During the face-to-face communications with Mr. Liu, all of our colleagues got more familiar with MSA’s purposes/thoughts when conducting investigation, and what could make vessel’s earliest and smooth departure by way of good cooperationin order to assist Club/member and protect their best interests as always.
In the afternoon of 8th  Dec., we have the great honor to have Capt. C.K. Kai, Associate Director from BRITANNIA Hong Kongto attend the seminar, who gave us an informative and wonderful lecture regarding the casualty handlingand soybean claim handling followed by an actively participated question and answer session.
The last speakers of the day are Ms.Cheng Jialing, person in charge of Marine department of our Shanghai office and Mr. Huang Naizhe, lawyer, who gave us an introduction of wreck removal and salvage after collision incidenthappened, analyzed the role of correspondent in the prospective of loss prevention, and also introduced some main points when handling such cases.


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