[Huatai Info] - on Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Outbreak - 3rd, Feb, 2020

Following our recent advice on the situation of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Outbreak in China, we hereby summarize the protection and control measures implemented by the port Authorities of each major Chinese port which reported by our local colleagues as below for your kind reference.


1. Health declaration before berthing:

Tianjin & Xiamen

Health Declaration Form is required before vessel’s berthing. The Form is attached hereto for your reference.


The Customs' officers will attend on board the vessel and take temperature of each crew.

2. Vessels with crew from Wuhan or Hubei Province on board would be monitored especially.

Putian and Quanzhou of Fujian Province

May not be allowed to take berth. 

The vessel probably has to be isolated for 14 days before taking berth.

3. Substitution of crew is limited.

Shanghai, Xiamen, Ningbo, Tianjin & Dalian
Forbidden by the port Authorities. 

Qingdao & Guangzhou
Forbidden in principle, unless under some special circumstances.

4. Crew disembarkation is strictly restricted by all ports.

5. During berth in the port, the crew should take preventive measures.

Dalian, Xiamen & Guangzhou
The crew must wear a facial mask when he has contact with others in the port. 

The crew must wear a facial mask and temperature test should be taken every day. When any crew has fever, the Customs should be reported immediately.

As the most important aim of the measures implemented by Chinese authorities is to avoid spread of coronavirus which originated from Wuhan, Hubei province, there is no specific restriction for vessels from abroad to call at Chinese sea ports.

However, indirect effects on the shipping industry would be inevitable. Here are some disadvantage effects we have noted:

Port Congestion / Port Operation

1. The loading/ discharging operation slow down due to lack of stevedores.

2. The land transportation of cargo into the port or from the port is insufficient since trucks without local license are restricted to enter into the port area.

3. As vessels are restricted to call at Wuhan port, transshipment of cargo by inland river feeder vessels in and out the ports in the Yangtze River is obviously affected.


Ports effected:

Shanghai, Tianjin, Huanghua, Lianyungang, Jingtang, Caofeidian, Shanghai and the ports nearby.


Ports not obviously effected:

Dalian, Qingdao, Xiamen and Guangzhou.

Supply of Provisions

Generally speaking, supply of provisions to foreign vessels is not restricted.

  • Tianjin: Demand of Supply of Provisions be declared 24 hours in advance.

  • Qingdao and ports nearby: Has limit to some of the provisions. Please check with local agents.

  • Dalian: The provisions should be quarantined by Customs as usual.

Ship Repair

Due to lack of workers, the schedule ofship repair might be affected.  


As the local Government restricted the entrance ofvehicles with license of other places and people from other places, theefficiency of the shipyards in Zhoushan decreased substantially.


Cargo Preparing

Some exported cargo could not be deliveredto the loading ports in time due to transportation restriction in and out ofHubei Province.  It is reported that ChinaCouncil for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) would offer forcemajeure certificates to local companies, if they are unable to fulfill theirinternational contractual obligations due to the coronavirus outbreak.  We suggest you/members to seek legal opinionson performance of C/P.



Hope the above would be of any help. 

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