CCPIT Issued Certificates of Force Majeure Due to Coronavirus

The first certificate of force majeure due to the ongoing novel coronavirus pneumonia was issued by China Council for the promotion of international trade (CCPIT) on 2nd Feb., 2020.

The certificate was applied by a manufacturer in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, for sake of proving the cause of failing to deliver the products on time under an international sales contract.
The certificate does not mention the word of ‘force majeure’, but just states that companies in Zhejiang province are forbidden to recover production before 9 Feb., 2020 by the order of the province’s Government.

On 3rd Feb., CCPIT Foshan Branch issued a certificate of force majeure for a local company which is the first one issued by a municipal branch due to coronavirus.

Content of the certificate is similar with the above one except that the province is Guangdong instead of Zhejiang.

According to the constitution of CCPIT, CCPIT and its branch offices have the duty to issue force majeure certificates for relevant companies to rely upon to declare exemption from contractual/legal liabilities for non-performance, incomplete performance or delay in performance of their contracts.

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