[Huatai Info] - Updates on the COVID-19 (21, Feb., 2020)
Further to our notice dated the 3rd of Feb., 2020, we would like to update the situation on the ports in China as below.

The extended public holiday ended on the 10th of Feb., 2020.  The government and companies are resuming business under the strict protective measurement on the COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease 2019). Currently, the new reported cases of COVID-19 have been decreasing for the last 16 days in China, except Hubei province. It has been less than 50 cases per day outside Hubei Province in China.
Nevertheless, most of the protective measures taken by the port authorities are still in effect. For the sake of crewmembers' and vessels' safety, and to avoid any unnecessary delay, we suggest shipowners to keep following the guidelines we created previously, namely:

1. To make sure no one on board has been travelled to Wuhan and Hubei province within 14 days before entering into Chinese ports since Customs would request health declaration.

2. To equip the vessel with necessary protective supplies such as face masks and hand sanitizers in order to protect crewmembers from the transmission of virus.

3. Alert crewmembers the risk of COVID-19 and to protect themselves by:

a) setting up watch by the gangway to take temperature on the ones who board the vessel and take a record;

b) wearing face masks when talk to persons other than seaman face to face.

4. To ask crewmembers not to disembark unless absolute necessary as it is still restricted in most Chinese ports except a few, such as Shanghai.

5. Do not substitute crewmembers unless absolute necessary as it is still forbidden in almost all Chinese ports.

6. Supply of provisions can be arranged in some ports such as Shanghai, Tianjin (request 24 hours ahead). Please check with the local agent or contact us for further details.

7. Please minimize the ship-shore activities because of the procedures of preventing the spread of COVID-19 can be complicated.

8. Berthing of vessels and operating on cargoes have no restrictions, but it may take longer than usual for loading/discharging operation. Members on-going with a voyage charter party should take it into consideration.

9. In case any crewmember shows any suspected symptoms such as coughing or fever, please inform local agent who will then report to the authorities, to arrange necessary medical examines to exclude the possibility of infection from COVID-19.

We will keep you updated of the situation as more information become available. If you need future detail regarding any particular port, please do not hesitate to contact us.

As always, we remain of assistance for your business.

Best Regards,

Huatai Marine Team
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